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Hello, I'm Malek Brahim!

Software Engineer from Morocco.
Iā€™m passionate about blockchain & You can call me MB-(MegaBytee).

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Why Go is great choice for Software engineering.

Thoughts on why Go is becoming a popular programming language. Go (or Golang) is a fast and effective...

Published : 2024-04-07T22:00:47.315Z

Unleashing the Code: A Journey of a Blockchain-Enthusiast Software Engineer

ā€‹šŸ‘‹ Hello ! Iā€™m thrilled to welcome you to my corner of the digital universe. My name is Malek Brahim,...

Published : 2024-03-31T03:39:54.279Z

Open Source

Working in the open, interacting with the community & building projects that are accessible to everyone fill me with joy.

Go API V5 connector for Bybit's HTTP and WebSockets APIs.

Mgom is a mongo ODM for Go //This is not ready for production //i am still working on it

A simple go implementation of json rpc 2.0 client over http

A simplified blockchain implementation in Golang

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