Why Go is great choice for Software engineering.

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Why Go is great choice for Software engineering.

Thoughts on why Go is becoming a popular programming language.


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Go (or Golang) is a fast and effective programming language that was designed by Google’s team and released to the public in 2009. Go takes static typing from С/C++ and aims for code readability similar to that of Python and JS. So it has gained a lot of popularity among developers in recent years. To keep up with the rapid pace of technology, developers should learn about the latest languages and tools like Go.

Here are the top reasons why Go is a great programming language :

Go is Faster

Developers write code that needs to be converted to machine code for processors to run it. Some languages, like JavaScript and Python, use virtual machines or interpreters for this. Go has a compiler that can turn its source code into machine code directly, which makes it faster than others.

Built for concurrency

Programs often need concurrency, which means they can handle multiple tasks at once. It doesn’t mean they process everything at the same time, but they switch between tasks when it’s convenient, for example, when a task is waiting for user input.

Suppose many users want the same item on an e-commerce website at the same time — the system has to update the stock levels when each user adds the item to their cart and shows the correct information to users. Strong hosting and development concurrency can handle such situations.

Go excels at concurrent programming. It has Goroutines, which are lightweight functions that can run at the same time and use channels to communicate. Goroutines are scalable and efficient, and they don’t make the development process harder. You can run hundreds of thousands of Goroutines concurrently with ease.

Easy to learn

Go has a simple and consistent syntax that makes it easy to read and write. It’s a good option for developers who are new to programming or who want to learn a new language.

If you come from languages like C++, you will find it very easy to switch to Go.

Powerful error-handling

Golang treats errors as values in the code. It makes it easier to find and fix bugs, which saves development time. This feature is unique to Golang and may seem weird and extra, but it makes error handling more clear and simple.

Amazing community

Go has a large and growing community of developers, with a lot of resources available to learn from.

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